What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in India and since it arrived in the West many new branches have evolved. The meaning of yoga is to yoke, join or unify and is a practice which gives the tools to connect your mind, body and breath.

I discovered yoga in school aged 14 and have been practising with different teachers ever since. In 2003 I completed the Sivannanda teacher training in India. My other yoga influences include Yogamonks with Jonathan Monks, Acroyoga, Iyengar Yoga and Forrest Yoga. I greatly respect all my teachers so far and thank them for sharing their expertise. This varied background has given me a strong foundation in my own practice. I have my own style into which I also weave elements of Chinese medicine theory and Postural Integration.


Classes start slowly, giving you time to arrive and travel inwards. By slowing down this helps you to focus your attention on your breathing and the present moment. As the class becomes more challenging, the aim is to remain connected to yourself. Towards the end of the class the pace slows down once again, finishing with relaxation.

What to expect

Yoga has an influence on all your physiological systems so you will notice effects, some of which will be subtle, others more obvious.

The benefits people share with me from practising yoga regularly are:

- Better breathing

- Improved strength and flexibility

- More able to manage stress

- Generally feeling more connected and in tune with oneself

- Enhanced ability and skill in other sports

- Feeling more open and positive



Hatha is the umbrella term I use to describe my classes. From the Sanskrit, Ha translates as sun and Tha as moon. Together they sustain life on earth and these mutually supporting opposites represent the duality within all of us. By feeling our differences we can learn to accept them and to discover moments of feeling whole and centred.

The practice involves moving the body into specific postures whilst focusing on breathing - either in a dynamic flowing sequence or through individual poses - with the intention of calming the mind and developing self-awareness.

Yoga can be made suitable for anyone. In a group class please let me know in advance if you have any health conditions or are pregnant, so I can offer you some personal modifications.


Type of Yoga - Hatha

Once a month I teach a workshop at Horizons in Stockwell from 3.00-5.30pm, each with a different theme. If you would like to receive a flyer with more information each month please contact me.


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